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wierd / scary things at ino [Feb. 21st, 2006|10:47 pm]
Has anyone had anything strange/scary happen at your store to a customer?!

Well, today I called in just to work becuase I was bored and all....so everything was going alright until I heard a level 1 say "Leo (our manager) there's an emergency in the dining room" and "someone's having a seizure!" There was a mother holding her daughter while the daughter's body was just spazzing out. I told the level 1 to call 911 and soon the paramedics came and apparently the girl was alright. I have NO idea what happened besides what I just said. It was freakin' scary cuz everyone in the dining room was watching [it was busy - around 7 or so during the rush]. The girl was laying on the ground and I guess she needed to eat something, so my manager gave her an r9 of shake to maybe give her some sugar? I don't know....but the people came and then they left.

It was strange.

[User Picture]From: redcheesyberet
2009-04-07 11:52 am (UTC)
My store (17) is haunted by a little girl.

She likes to mess up the walk terminal in the early morning before the rush.
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