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wierd / scary things at ino [Feb. 21st, 2006|10:47 pm]
Has anyone had anything strange/scary happen at your store to a customer?!

Well, today I called in just to work becuase I was bored and all....so everything was going alright until I heard a level 1 say "Leo (our manager) there's an emergency in the dining room" and "someone's having a seizure!" There was a mother holding her daughter while the daughter's body was just spazzing out. I told the level 1 to call 911 and soon the paramedics came and apparently the girl was alright. I have NO idea what happened besides what I just said. It was freakin' scary cuz everyone in the dining room was watching [it was busy - around 7 or so during the rush]. The girl was laying on the ground and I guess she needed to eat something, so my manager gave her an r9 of shake to maybe give her some sugar? I don't know....but the people came and then they left.

It was strange.

[User Picture]From: overxthestars
2006-02-22 07:31 am (UTC)
We had a tall glass truck come thru the drive and tear one of our fire sprinklers out of the roof right in front of the drive handout window...it set the fire alarms off in the dining room. That was a fun lunch rush.
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